Paul Lee, M.D.

CEO | Co-founder
Paul is an Oxford educated medical doctor, with a vision to create borderless healthcare. When he's not busy flying around the world for Curely, he can be found at the movies or at home watching Netflix. Or, he could be found giving more work to Isaac.

Joshua Hong

Executive Chairman | Co-founder
Josh began his career in consulting and investment banking, and eventually became a serial entrepreneur in the tech space. When he's not out and about starting and growing startups, he's cruising around on his Harley, or at a yoga studio or meditating. Om.

Christian Assad, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer | Co-founder
Christian is an Interventional-Endovascular cardiologist (fancy heart doctor) and an uber tech geek. When he's not performing medical procedures he is actively exploring applications of VR & AR in Medicine, or you might find him playing CoD (username Shantaram).

Ed Pope

Board Member
Ed is an early-stage focused venture capitalist, after proving himself as a successful entrepreneur in banking and defense industry for 25 years. When not working, he's training for his professional mountain bike career or taking dance lessons.