Payout Policy

General Payout Information

Payouts to health professionals will be processed automatically, twice a month via Direct Deposit or Paypal.  The amount that is paid out will be determined by various factors including Reward Rate, Reserve Rate, and the Minimum Payout Amount.

Curely Transaction Fees

Question Board: Curely charges a 40% transaction fee on every transaction that occurs on the question board.

Click here to read more about the Question Board.

Direct Questions: Curely charges a 30% transaction fee on every question directly sent to you. Health professionals can decrease the transaction fee by accumulating RP and inviting colleagues.

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Please check the Gamification Policy to learn more about how you can decrease your transaction fee down to 21%.

Payout Periods

Payout to health professionals will be carried out twice a month: 5th and 20th of each month.

Each month will be broken down into two pay periods:

1  – 15: Pay period 1 – paid out on the 20th

16 – 30/31: Pay period 2 – paid out on the 5th

This information is subject to change at any time.

Reserve Rate

The reserve rate is a portion of a health professional’s net earnings that Curely will withhold per pay period, in case of refunds and chargebacks from consumers. Please refer to the table below for the reserve rates.

Age of your account on CurelyReserve Rate
3 months or less0%
More than 3 months0%

The current period’s reserve rate amount will be paid out on the next pay period, and a new reserve will be assessed at the next pay period.

 This information is subject to change at any time.

Payout Methods & Fees

There are two ways to collect your earnings. This information can be added inside the Curely app.

1) Direct Deposit (ACH): This is only available for health professionals based in the U.S.

a. Fund transfer fee: $0.50

2) Paypal: This is available for all health professionals.

a. Fund transfer fee: Paypal withdrawal fee – Please see Paypal’s policy.

This information is subject to change at any time.

Minimum Payout

There is a threshold net earnings amount in order for health professionals to cash out their earnings. Payout will not be processed unless the net earnings amount is equal to or greater than the payout threshold. If you do not meet the minimum threshold, your earnings balance will carry over to the next payout period.

Current Minimum Payout Threshold: $20*

*This amount is subject to change at any time.

Refunds and Chargebacks

Any refunds or chargebacks initiated by a consumer will result in the reversal of credits from the doctor’s earnings. If we notice a large amount of refunds or chargebacks initiated for a certain doctor, the doctor’s account will be suspended while the Curely team investigates for possible suspicious activity and the quality of the sessions being provided to the consumers.

Suspicious Activity

Curely reserves the right to put a hold on any account that we believe is involved in suspicious or fraudulent activity. Please review our Code of Conduct in the Terms of Use to see what activities may lead to a freeze on your payments and your account.

Terms and Definitions

Net earnings – Health professional’s total earnings after taking out the Curely service fee.

Refund – Return of funds back to the consumer.

Chargeback – Consumer contacts credit card issuer to reverse a completed transaction.

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