Curely Global Medicine: Australia


The Curely Global Medicine Series takes a look at medicine around the world. This week, we’ve connected with Dr. Benn Lancman, an Anesthesiologist in Australia. Dr. Lancman has been a practicing physician since 2007, completing his training in anesthesiology in Australia in 2014. He’s won several awards for his exam performance and research. He has a particular interest in anesthesia for neurosurgery and obstetrics, and in helping patients prepare for, and recover from surgery. He was one of the very first physicians to join Curely, which he said he was drawn to for the opportunity Curely enabled for share insight to anesthesiology in a way that can fit his busy clinical schedule.

Dr. Lancman shares that Australia is fortunate to have a system based around universal healthcare, but notes that it doesn’t eliminate barriers to visiting primary care providers for patients. Every visit usually involves an out of pocket expense, and consultations and visits are very short – often too short to get a great number of questions answered. Secondarily, distance is a challenge for those seeking healthcare in Australia. The country is the size of the continental U.S., but has a fairly small population. It can mean getting to the doctor is impractical, therefore many Australians put off care unless there is a serious issue.

Last, he mentions that emergency facilities are often highly crowded, often with non-serious issues that would best be addressed in a primary care setting. But since it can be hard for consumers to discern between care needs, they often are unsure and go directly to the emergency room as a result.

Dr. Lancman sees Curely as a means to help patients in Australia get answers to their questions, clarification they have about their health, treatments and other information. They can gain insight and information needed versus putting care and visits off until it’s serious, as well as get general advice to help determine if and what type of care they may need in the event of non-emergency/non-serious issues.

He also shares that Curely can help empower communities to take ownership of their own health, but in a way that ensures the information they’re receiving is accurate and safe. Like many doctors today, he is excited to help consumers on Curely.



Borderless Doctor of the Month – Dr. Conley Carr


Dr. Conley James Carr

It’s time to share another great doctor on Curely for our Doctor Of The Month feature! This month we’re excited to share Dr. Conley Carr. Dr. Carr is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, which is also known as a Physiatrist. He works in academics at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB). He’s the Director of Rehabilitation Consults and helps with evaluating patients for in-patient rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, and other medicine. He’s familiar with acute and chronic pain issues, such as those affecting the spine, joins, and neurological conditions. He performs nerve conduction studies to help diagnose conditions such as neuropathy, carpal tunnel, and nerve impingement. He’s also skilled in the areas of brain injury, including concussion and severe head injury, spinal cord injury and strokes.

Dr. Carr likes Curely for the potential of being able to provide assistance to those who may not be able to afford or have access to visit a physician in person. While doctors do not prescribe medication on Curely, they can share insight and information to help consumers learn more about their health, wellness and other issues. Dr. Carr enjoys responding to questions, so be sure to ask him anything you’d like in his area of practice. He hopes to make a difference in people’s lives all over the world and is happy to help. You can search for and find Dr. Carr’s profile on Curely.

Download Curely and contact Dr. Carr any time!



Curely Global Medicine: Brazil


Curely’s Global Medicine series takes a look at medicine around the world. This month we’ve talked with Dr. Renata Velloso and Dr. Flavio Melo to learn more about medicine in Brazil.

Dr. Velloso received her degree in medicine at Unicamp in Brazil and practices dermatology. She has Aesthetic Medicine specialization from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, and manages a science-based skincare website, Bulle de Beaute and YouTube Beauty channel in addition to treating patients. In addition to her work in dermatology, Dr. Velloso is involved in multiple medical innovation projects.

Dr Renata Velloso Graduation Day

Dr Renata Velloso on her graduation day, Brazil

Dr. Velloso shared that 75% of the Brazilian population uses the public healthcare system (SUS). While the public healthcare system is among the best in the world for diseases like HIV/AIDS, the day-to-day healthcare support as well as preventative medicine are lacking in the country. She noted that there are also fewer specialists than needed in very important areas like pediatrics and mental health.

Dr. Velloso is currently the Curely Ambassador of Brazil and one of the top doctors on the platform. She believes Curely can help filling this gap, giving the population access to medical specialists that are too expensive in the private healthcare system, or that take months to reach through the public system. She also sees promise in Curely giving the population in Brazil access to specialists that are not present in remote areas. With many Brazilians living abroad, she also believes Curely can help them keep connected to their Brazilian doctors who know the country’s language and culture. This can be especially helpful for second opinions and complement care they’re receiving wherever they are.


We also talked with Dr. Flavio Melo, a pediatrician in Brazil. Dr. Melo graduated from the Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil, and has over 10 years of experience. He’s an instructor of neonatal resuscitation by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and has been working with telemedicine since 2011. If that isn’t impressive, Dr. Melo also speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish!

He shared that Brazil’s public healthcare system provides for all citizens at all levels, but that the program lacks serious management and operational problems. It leaves both doctors and patients dissatisfied. The private system is said to be better according to Dr. Melo, but that it also suffers from management issues as well.

With Curely, he feels that it can help patients obtain advice and direct referrals, helping to ensure the best care for their needs. He also feels that technologies like Curely can contribute significantly to the accessibility of information for patients, as well as for doctors in remote areas to obtain input and share insight with other physicians from around the globe.


Curely Global Medicine: Mexico


Curely’s Global Medicine series takes a look at medicine around the world. This month we’ve talked with Dr. Isaac Recio España and Dr. Mauricio Ochoa to learn about medicine in Mexico. Dr. Recio España is a Medical Subcoordinator at Comision Nacional de Arbitraje Medico in Mexico, where he practices Family Medicine. He graduatedfrom La Salle University (Faculty of Medicine) in the country, and completed international volunteering at Alotenango Health Center (Guatemala).


Dr. Recio with his colleagues, Mexico


Dr. Recio’s patients playing outside a rural health center in Nayarit, Mexico

He shares that the health care system in Mexico provides health care insurance coverage to the citizens of the country. However, the reality in Mexico is that only the higher-income population can afford private consultation with physicians. State workers have to go to specific health care centers. The rest of the population is covered by the ‘Sequro Social” (IMSS), which is funded equally by the employee, employer and federal government. Usually the waiting time is too long for patients to see physicians, and the treatment – if received – is often ineffective.

Dr. Recio España feels Curely is a very convenient platform where doctors can exchange information with patients, and can be a powerful source of extra revenue for doctors while providing secure, reliable health information to consumers. Dr. Recio España responds to all kinds of questions from skin rashes to vegan diet related concerns. The most common questions are about lifestyle changes and guidelines. He adds that because doctors on Curely are not interested in prescribing medications or requesting lab tests and admissions to generate income, information shared on Curely is shared with dedication and trust.


We also spoke with Dr. Mauricio Ochoa who practices Pediatrics in Mexico. Dr. Ochoa has experience in both public and private practice in Mexico. He graduated from UANL Medical School, Pediatrics in ISSEMyM in Mexico. He shares that the majority of Mexicans are used to long waiting times to get medical attention, and when they do receive it, they’re often left with doubts or incomplete understanding of their disease/illness. This is also consistent with lab tests and radiology.

Dr. Ochoa is currently the Curely Ambassador of Mexico and also one of the top doctors on our platform. He feels that with Curely, patients are able to access certified medical specialists who have the time and availability needed to give patients the care that they deserve, for a very low price to the patients. Dr. Ochoa’s sister, Martha Ochoa, is a nutritionist and member of Curely’s community as well. You can find their profiles on Curely through the in-app search feature anywhere, any time.