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Borderless Doctors of the Month – Dr. Guillermo Guerrero-González

Our Curely Borderless Doctor of the Month, Dr. Guillermo Guerrero-González, is a Mexico-based dermatologist and has completed his studies in Germany and Brazil. In his daily practice, he primarily consults on skin, hair, and nail related issues. He is also a dermatologic surgeon and has a great amount of experience dealing with benign and malignant tumors, as well as cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Guerrero-González is also involved in medical innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2015, he published an article in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology titled “Combined use of simulation and digital technologies for teaching dermatologic surgery” in which he and his colleagues share their experience using computers, simulation models, an interactive whiteboard, digital video, and digital photography in the teaching of dermatologic surgery.

Not long ago, he was part of a nonprofit organization among other social entrepreneurs looking for ways to improve our society not simply by providing but by making changes in its core. Since then he says he has an urge to find people with the same goal to start something that matters.

What he likes about Curely is that he can help people worldwide. “I always try to help them with whatever they are going through. I know plenty of specialists all over the world so, if any special diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is needed, I also help them find a certified dermatologist nearby.”

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